Benefits of Music Promotion With Soundcloud Plays

Benefits of Music Promotion With Soundcloud Plays

If you want your music to be included in the most impressive collection of music streaming tracks on the planet, buy Soundcloud plays. This extremely large collection of musicians’ work includes the very minimum of 18,000,000 artists, 2,000,000 albums, and 150,000,000 tracks. The unique technology on SoundCloud is available on iOS, the Web, Sonos, Android, Xbox One and Chromecast.

Soundcloud is a distribution platform website for audio, based in Berlin, Germany. It offers music sharing to artists and individuals throughout the world. Musicians can promote their music by uploading and sharing audio. In October 2008, Soundcloud was launched by Alexander Ljung, a sound designer and Eric Wahiforss, an electronic musician. Both of these individuals are extremely wealthy. As early as 2012, it was reported that Soundcloud had millions of users increasing at the rate of 1.500,000 new users each month.

Soundcloud unique features allow uploaded files to be accessed via unique URLs; therefore Twitter and Facebook posts can be embedded with sound files. If you are a registered user, there is no limit to the amount of music that can be uploaded or played. In recognition of SoundCloud’s’ accomplishments, they were awarded the Schroders Innovation Award at the European Tech Tour Awards Dinner in 2011.

With a diverse number of artists, Soundcloud has become a dynamic audio platform online during its brief existence. This audio platform gives users the ability to locate their favorite music and upload it. Users can follow artists to listen to their music as well as the music they’re posting.  Soundcloud is home to many famous artists and future ones. This platform is an indispensable online tool in the music industry.

If you are an aspiring artist intent on exposing your music in the social world to as many people as possible, buy Soundcloud plays. offers a unique opportunity for musicians to purchase plays so that their music can be heard throughout the world.
Soundcloud is responsible for the success of many artists. Undiscovered talented artists now have the opportunity to have their music heard by millions including promoters.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this safe and effective opportunity to promote your music worldwide. Join others who have experienced phenomenal success.  Go to to get started.